Mindful Kala 4-Week Digital Program

A new digital program and research study that integrates Bharatanatyam (i.e. Indian Classical Dance) with mindfulness. Students will encounter physical movement, meditative exercises, theatrical creations, group discussions, writing, and storytelling. 

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Wisconsin Teen Uses Classical Indian Dance To Help Others Manage Stress

Besides performing Bharatanatyam classical Indian dance around the world, a Wisconsin teen also teaches it to adults and young people as a form of stress relief.


Middleton Teen Using Indian Classical Dance to Help Others

Shruti founded the “Calm with Kalaa” initiative (now known as Mindful Kala), where she teaches Bharatanatyam techniques to both children and adults in schools around the Madison area.

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Indian dance does double duty in this Middleton program. Rising senior Shruti Parthasarathy is the driving force behind it.

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Calm with Kalaa: Managing Stress with Dance

Shruti Parthasarthy, the founder and president of Calm with Kalaa (now known as Mindful Kala), leads a workshop centered around the classical dance Bharatanatyam and relieving stress.

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Starting November, 2019, Calm with Kalaa (now known as Mindful Kala) is a feature in the National Academy of Medicine’s art gallery, which seeks to showcase ways art can help shape the social determinants of health in diverse communities.


E8 Podcast: Calm with Kalaa

There are a plethora of ways people find to reduce negative stress. In this podcast, we will learn more about the interdisciplinary skills of Bharatanatyam to achieve psychological wellness.